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What we can do for you

If you need the auto collision repair, come to get assessed by our highly trained experts. One of our technicians will help you understand the scope of procedures to do to regain an attractive look of your car. The initial examination and recommendations are free.


Auto paint is an important component of auto collision repair. You need only about 15 minutes to get our written estimate in Los Angeles with detailed information covering all aspects you need to get your car painted including materials, parts, painting and repairs services.


With our free assessment, top quality and reasonable pricing, you will be able to drive again in no time.


The process of restoration of your vehicle involves several steps that are to be performed by well-trained staff.


How the painting work goes

First of all, we will start from the thorough examination of you car’s paint. This free procedure will result in a list of recommended activities to be performed on your car. No matter if there are only tiny scratches or a significant damage, our skilled body repair technicians in Los Angeles know how to eliminate them.


The next step is the surface preparation. In fact, this procedure is of a great importance for the quality of the entire painting work. Tiny surface defects like scratches, chips, cracks or peeling can cause serious problems and eventually destroy your paint job. Removing those unsightly signs will help us achieve the smoothest possible finish and extra gloss. If done properly and by highly qualified technicians, this step will ensure the success of the whole body repair process as well as guarantee the longevity and durability of the paint work to make your car shine and look bright for years to come.


The next step is applying a surface sealer. This is a very important procedure to avoid such unpleasant things like failure of the paint job to hold its shine just because the old paint mixes with the new one thus creating uneven color and poor gloss. The sealer is to build a barrier between the new and old paint. This procedure will ensure a consistent color and higher gloss across the entire painted surface. It is the sealer that mainly determines the durability of the entire paint work and maintains consistent shine.


Now, it is time to perform the painting work itself. Depending on the scope of preparatory and painting operations you have chosen from the recommendation list drafted by our estimators, you will get the painting services needed to restore your car. Anyways, you may always rest assured that the job will be done thoroughly. We will be able to find an optimum balance between the price you pay and longevity /appearance of the paint job.


Once a problem area on your car’s body is painted, it is time to apply a protection layer and finish. We usually cover our paint jobs with clear coats to protect the paint and ensure the long-lasting gloss that you will enjoy for years.


Follow-up maintenance

Now, it’s up to you to care about the result you get from our auto body shop. Of course, in Los Angeles, we will stand by you for this purpose. The proper maintenance will help your car keep its shine and color. This is why good car care is so important for continuous protection of your paint.


For this end, it is recommended to avoid parking under trees, while it is still better to leave your car parked in the shade. Also, driving on loose gravel, salt or sand can be extremely harmful and are to be avoided.


And of course, washing your car is a prime maintenance procedure. It helps remove contaminants in time to avoid their harmful effect on the car’s body and paint work. Preferably, you should wash your vehicle manually twice a month using a mild automotive detergent and a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching the paint surface.


Try to take all necessary measures to rinse off the salt, dirt or other chemicals from the car body to avoid rust.


Also, it is advisable to wax your car regularly, every 3-4 months, to protect the finishing layer. A specialized automotive wax should be used for the purpose as it contains no abrasive cleaning agents. To apply the wax, strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then, let the wax layer dry completely prior to remove it with a soft cloth towel.

Now, you car is shining and ready for amazing driving!