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23/06/2016 03:50:27

We know that it is not very easy to find a good and trustworthy auto body shop. Every time when a car collision causes the body damage, you want to get your metal horse repaired fast but without sacrificing the quality. Our auto collision repair shop in Los Angeles is the right place where you can find really honest and qualified services at affordable prices.



To begin the restoration process, visit our shop in Los Angeles to consult one of our expert estimators. As a result of this free procedure, you will receive a draft list of steps your car needs to undergo to regain its shining look. Remember that the result you will get in the end depends to a large extent on the qualification and experience of the expert conducting the preliminary estimation. This person has to be able to identify parts and services you will need as well as offer you an affordable solution meeting your individual needs and budget.


In many cases, an insurance company will be one of the parts involved in the repair process. Sometimes, they may ask you to get an estimate from one of the shops they prefer to deal with. Please remember, that an insurance company has no right to dictate where you should get your car repaired. Instead, it’s up to you to choose a repair facility you trust and want to use.


Once the estimation is done, we will agree a date when you will have to bring us your vehicle in Los Angeles. By that time, we will have all necessary parts and materials at hand, so the process will start right ahead to waste no time. We are committed to the concept of minimizing your inconveniences and maximizing your satisfaction.


Start of the work

Once we have your car at our disposal, our highly qualified auto body technicians in Los Angeles start doing their part of the work. They will thoroughly examine the condition of your car’s body to find out any possible hidden damage that could not be revealed in the course of a preliminary estimation. If no additional damage is found, the repair will continue in accordance with the estimate drawn up before.


If the technician finds more problems, the estimator will add their treatment to the original list. Of course, you will be informed of the additional procedures and expenses in advance, prior the body repair process begins. Also, your insurance company will be informed if necessary to make them know the additional damage is found. Once you or the insurance company turn on the green light, the work will continue. We will order and receive additional parts and materials if necessary.


Car body repair and paint

If your vehicle requires the frame repair, our specialists will apply state-of-the art techniques and tools for laser measurement and straightening in order to return the shape your vehicle must have in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


Once all needed shaping and repairs procedures are completed, the vehicle will proceed to painting. This is a very sophisticated and important step. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the final result, including paint color match, temperature, distance between the spray gun and vehicle, humidity, paint density, spray pressure and tip size, a kind of the surface to be painted, time and conditions of drying etc. This is why you should always make sure that the personnel performing this operation possess all necessary knowledge and skills.


Our auto body paint shop in Los Angeles is your reliable partner whenever you need to get your car painted. We have both personnel and technologies at our disposal that can produce a prime paint color match. With us, you will get a blend of minimum time spent, maximum quality and ultimate durability. The technology we use for painting and refinishing is not only efficient but also ecologically friendly.


Get the ready car

Once your car is issued from our paint booth, it returns to the body department for the final reassembly. After that, the car will undergo a thorough inspection.

That’s all! Enjoy driving again!