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23/06/2016 04:23:48

Car incidents are very annoying, even if there is only little damage to the vehicles involved. In most cases, all the necessary expenses are covered by insurance; however, your specific situation may be different.


Damage estimation

We work with major insurance companies, so our experts can help you define the scope of repairs procedures you need to perform to restore your car in compliance with the insurance policy you possess. Just visit us in Los Angeles to obtain our extensive recommendations on this subject.


Along with that, cases when you have to pay for the repairs yourself are very common too. In such situations, price is a significant factor that car owners should take into consideration. You may rest assured that we are aware of your concern. Come to discuss what you plan to do with one of our qualified estimators. Our skilled personnel in Los Angeles will work together with you to elaborate a list of procedures to be made that will seamlessly combine your needs and your financial interests. Anyways, we never sacrifice the quality of services that we provide to our clients. We guarantee that we are always able to come up with the most cost-effective solution to meet your expectations.


For starters, your car will get examined and assessed by our highly trained personnel to determine what auto body repair or paint is needed in your case. Once damaged areas are located, we can draw up a list of materials, parts and work needed to restore the car.


No matter how significant is the damage – was it just a little fender bender or really a major accident – we will help you erase all signs of that unpleasant story from both your car body and your memory. Just spend about 15 minutes to get your vehicle estimated at our car repairs shop in order to know how we will help you get your renewed car in no time.


Our estimator in Los Angeles will provide you with the most detailed information about the body work, parts, supplies, painting and repair services that your car needs in order to regain its bright and shining look. The initial examination and assessment are free. Our affordable rates and reliable services can not only save our clients a lot of time and money, but also ensure durable results and long-term benefits.


Parts replacement

As car body repairs may require the replacement of certain parts, we are ready to offer you several opportunities in this respect. We clearly understand that cost is the determinant for most people. The first option is to take advantage of OEM parts, which come from your car’s original manufacturer. That said, OEM parts provide the best possible match for the vehicle and the original quality. Along with that, this solution is the most expensive one. The second option to consider is aftermarket. Parts of this kind are new; however, they are probably made by another manufacturer. The third option our clients may choose is recycled parts. This is the cheapest solution; and the parts come from cars that are not used any more by their owners. You see, the three options we offer our customers who need parts replacement secure high level of flexibility in terms of price to quality ratio.


Paint services

Please, be informed that our car repairs shop provides paint services not only in case when you need to remove an accident damage, but also if your car body has some tiny defects like scratch, pilling etc.


Prior to start painting a target area, we thoroughly clean the spot and adjacent areas to prepare the surface for painting and perform the procedure flawlessly. Our blending techniques allow us to achieve ultimate masking of damaged spots.


We are committed to perfection in our work, so you may always rest assured that your car will leave our repairs shop in the condition that you will be fully satisfied with. With our finishing procedures and based on the wide experience of our team of highly qualified technicians, an amazing and durable result is guaranteed.


Give us a chance to show you how we care about your car in Los Angeles!