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A car collision is a great concern as people often want to get their vehicle repaired as soon as possible to return it the look it had before. Don’t worry, our car repair shop in Los Angeles will make this process seamless and fast. For starters, just drop in for free estimation of the damage. The procedure is performed by our highly trained technicians.

We are dedicated to our goal of achieving absolute customer satisfaction. Along with that, we understand that an accident is a very frustrating experience, so we are here to give you a hand in any situation . We offer you to take advantage of convenient locations of our auto body repair shops in Los Angeles, flexible work hours, assistance with insurance companies and other benefits available for our clients.


Whether your collision has caused a damage to bumpers, fenders, frames, glass, doors, mirrors or hoods, our company will provide highly qualified services to restore the pre-accident condition of your car.


Frame repair

One of the most common occurrences is frame damage. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many manufacturers tend to design their cars with unibody, when the body and frame are made as a single construction. We use a front-edge laser measuring system combined with modern pulling and anchoring mechanisms to give all car construction elements their initial shape according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our auto body shop has at its disposal all the necessary computerized measuring systems and databases for any popular vehicle models.


Bumper repair

A damaged bumper is another common result of a small car collision. This body element often gets scratched, scraped, crunched or dented giving your car an unsightly look. To repair your bumper, our specialists will use only high-quality materials ensuring the best-looking and long-lasting effect. We can help your bumper regain its original shape fast and easy no matter if it’s only a small dent or a full replacement with a new or refurbished part is needed. We will expertly perform priming, sealing and refinishing needed to make you car shine again. We are ready to help owners of any car models.


Body damage repair

Hail damage is a kind of petty kind injuries that auto body shops deal with very often. Though tiny, damaged spots can be numerous, so the look of your car is not what you want it to be. Using a Paintless Dent Repair technology, we can effectively remove minor dings, dents and creases from your vehicle. The technique allows the original paint finish to remain untouched. This procedure is really a good option because it secures the almost perfect result in no time. Additionally, it will save you a lot of money as compared to traditional procedures used in body repair shops.


Dents and little dings inevitably occur on any vehicle’s body surface due to a variety of common everyday situations. Don’t worry, just drop in to know what our skilled technicians in Los Angeles can do for you. You may rest assured that we can help you get rid of any kind of dents or dings to make your car look like new again.

We offer a Paintless Dent Repair service, which can save you a bunch of time and money. Paintless Dent Removal is almost an art of shaping and shrinking the car body metal. To perform the procedure, our technicians have been trained well and gained the necessary skills and qualification. So they can remove many types of small damage caused by rocks, hail or other objects. The procedure requires no sanding and painting and can be performed within a short period of time – usually, within an hour (instead of three days in case of traditional repair techniques).

Another advantage is that the car’s original finish will be saved. While not all kinds of damage can be removed using the Paintless Dent Removal technique, give your car a chance and drop in to know if we can help in your situation.



Removal of bigger body damages requires painting and finishing procedures. If this is your case, you can completely rely on our auto body paint team able to meet your any needs. Our experts have the necessary skills to perform any paint repair, color matching and refinishing professionally and with top quality. The up-to-date computerized paint system and high-quality materials we use can secure results that will satisfy even the most exacting customers. We boast our ability to match original factory finishes and colors.