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What we can do for you

If you have had an auto collision incident, you probably need your car body get repaired. In general, any kind of collision is an unpleasant situation no matter how big your material damage is. Our auto body shop in Los Angeles is here to stand by you in this situation and make the entire process go as seamlessly as possible. Our major task is to perform high-quality auto collision repairs irrespective of the make or model of the car you own. We will do all we can to make your vehicle look like new and return to the road as soon as possible.


Just drop in to take advantage of our fast and accurate estimate in Los Angeles absolutely for free! You can completely rely on the list of parts, materials and services that our highly trained estimators will draw up in your specific situation. If any unforeseen problems arise in the course of the repairs, you will be notified immediately and have an opportunity to discuss extra charges and further actions with our personnel.


For your convenience, we can arrange a rental vehicle in Los Angeles for you while your own car will be repaired. Remember that you will have an opportunity to check the progress of your repair any time you like.


You may rest assured of the quality that our skilled and professionally trained mechanics will provide. With us, you can expect to receive your vehicle in its pre-collision condition. This is true not only for your car’s exterior, but also for such important safety features like airbags or crumple zones.



If your auto body repair involves paint, we can offer you the most state-of-the-art computerized system enabling our staff to achieve accurate color matching. Along with that, our cutting-edge paint booth not only is environment-friendly, but also features an excellent ventilation system able to ensure a flawless and absolutely dust-free finish.


Overall, our auto repair shop in Los Angeles can offer you any kind of repair works you may ever need. By commissioning us to renew your car from beginning to end, you will receive the top-quality repair that we have all grounds to boast of. We will never return a car to its owner without a thorough final inspection of both exterior and interior. In addition to the high quality of the repair itself, you may rest assured that the entire process will go absolutely stress-free for you and seamlessly on our part.


Glass repair

Oftentimes, a vehicle after a major collision requires auto glass repair or windshield replacement too. This is another problem that we can solve for you in Los Angeles. A broken windshield or auto glass is not the reason to move your car to several auto shops to get serviced. In fact, we can do that all, no matter whether you need to repair a crack in your glass or completely replace the windshield. We replace windshields according to safety standards of original manufacturers.


Part replacement

In most cases, auto repairs require replacement of certain mechanical or body parts. A car owner should know that there are different parts out there available for the auto repair. Your options are: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, after market and used (refurbished) parts. While it’s up to you to take the final decision, our qualified technicians will consult you on which option would be the most cost-effective and suit your car the best with due account for the general condition and age of the vehicle. We always remain committed to the concept not to sacrifice the quality. In some cases, your insurance contract may stipulate which type of parts is covered. From our experience, aftermarket parts are the most optimum solution for the majority of car owners. Used parts are the most economical option, which, however, can affect the warranty that we will provide to you.


At any case, you can expect that your car will leave our shop in Los Angeles in the condition that it had before the collision.